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WolfTeam is a free FPS -game created by Softnyx.


The game pits together two groups: Red Team and Blue Team. The goal of the game is for players to take out the other group, plant the bomb, or catch all the control focuses in game modes, for example, Destruction, Ice Hold, Conquest, WolfHunt and Deathmatch.


There are aggregate of 27 distinct maps in WolfTeam. These maps are:Covolt Bridge, Paien Lab, Street, Rose, Station, Wolf City, Frozen, Battle Zone, Arrival, Storage, Zeppelin, Container Ship, Junk Field, Base 3275, Two Temple, Train Factory, War Plant, Scent, City Arena, Wolf Center, Castle, Survival, Cage , Taksim , Secret Lab, Sector 7 and Power Plant. There is additionally an alternative to play on a Random guide. Server Tanıtımı

Game Modes

There are aggregate of 6 fundamental game modes in WolfTeam. These are: Deathmatch, Ice Hold, Destruction, Conquest, EX-Conquest, Wolfhunt and Wolf Conquest. There is likewise an alternative to play with these modes on Classic which implies blades will supplant wolves. Pulverization additionally has Destruction s2 mode which is wolves (blue) versus people (red). Sub-modes are likewise included, which modify Deatchmatch Classic, where either guns, blades or projectiles supplanting the essential firearm.


There is a wide assortment of weaponry in Wolf Team. These weapons are arranged as Basic Weapons, Standard Weapons and Heavy Weapons. There are likewise various Grenades, Pistols and Knives you can utilize.


There are likewise a wide assortment of wolves you can play as in WolfTeam. These wolves are arranged as Basic Wolves and Wolf Mutation Wolves. Wolves have higher wellbeing, development and harm focal points yet have the nonattendance of an extended assault which arrangements harm, with the exception of beserker , which follows through on the cost of its own life. Tattoos and Scratches are additionally accessible for managing additional harm as wolf, or increasing a GP reward.

Wolfteam continues to still be popular First Person Shooter game in 2021 with players from all around the world.

Wolf Team is a strategic FPS that is similar to games like BlackShot, CrossFire, and Combat Arms, yet with a bend – players can change into werewolves. Upon change, players acquire substantially more portability, reward wellbeing, and an incredible skirmish assault, yet lose the capacity to utilize their firearms. Players can change to and fro freely, and this dynamic makes an exceptional ongoing interaction experience dissimilar to some other in the Korean MMOFPS type. Wolf Team is basically a blend of conventional strategic shooter ongoing interaction with an extraordinary change framework that makes interactivity more fluctuated and profound. 

Wolf Team Key Features: 

Exceptional Transformation Element – blend of strategic FPS ongoing interaction with werewolf change that awards reward wellbeing, development, and skirmish harm. 

Assortment of Weapons – more than 40 weapons, the vast majority of which can be overhauled up multiple times for expanded details. 

Huge loads of Different Maps and Modes – 39+ guides and 5+ game modes (Death Match, Conquest, Ice Hold, Destruction, and Wolf Hunt). 

Alter Your Game – game modes can be additionally modified: Pistol Only, Sniper Only, Wolf Only, No Wolf change, and so forth 

8 Different Wolf Mutations – wolves can be altered with Tattoos for reward details. 8 Different Wolf changes keeps things shifted.


During my young years, I delighted in creating hacks for a large number of the games I played. There were various games that I hacked, including, GunBound, MapleStory, Gunz, Combat Arms and that's just the beginning. At last, I began to market my hacks on the web and brought in a lot of cash therefore. 

Task Layout 

To utilize wolfteam hack aimbot , you should infuse this library into WolfTeam's memory space. I have given various DLL injectors on my GitHub for this reason. 


Use at your own danger